Be a host

In this time of a pandemic, watch parties have become the way to enjoy social events. This is your chance to watch the Festival of the Arts from multiple locations throughout the world or from the comforts of your own home by being a HOST and winning some great prizes too. Create your own theme or unique style and have fun with your friends even if you are apart.

What is a watch party?

How cool would it be to watch a live concert together even if you are not in the same city or in the same country! From what used to be a gathering of thousands in just one location, a Watch Party brings everyone together from different venues throughout the world.

Host at Home

Let's face it. The pandemic has brought on massive changes to life's routine. Most of us are itching to "get out" and celebrate. Although big celebrations are still not encouraged in some locations, here is a chance for you to get your closest family and friends in one location by hosting a Watch Party at your home - be it in your living room or if you have space in your garden. Get creative and make it a unique experience for everyone.

What do you need?

All you need is space, a tv or projector and speakers.

Invite your closest family and friends over. Make it memorable, have a theme night. Choose from a plethora of themes such as 80s Night, Glamorous 90s, K-POP, Superheroes and lots more. Decorate your space, have party favours for your guests to bring home or get your guests to participate in a short but fun quiz on the Festival of the Arts or SIFMA.

What else?

As a participating home host, you stand a chance to win gifts or cash value in our Home Host Contest, which will be judged on creativity and posting on social media.

Host at Venue Space

Space. All your need is space...projector or tv and speakers. Be it in a mall, your cafe, shop or event venue.

Can you charge a fee to the public?

SIFMA is a free event. As the host, you can create special offers and packages. For example, if you are a cafe, offer a set meal and sell it as a night out with family and friends. This will create revenue for you.

How would people know us?

Your logo and brand name will be displayed on our website and social media. People can register to join your event through the website. The world is opening up, people are starting to travel. As collaborators, we can work together to promote your brand to the rest of the world!

What else?

As a participating venue host, you stand a chance to win gifts or cash value in our Venue Partners Contest. This will be divided into tiers and judged on creativity and audiences.

Join us as a Watch Party host

Don't wait any longer. It is the way to go in our new normal. Make special memories by enjoying SIFMA from wherever you are!

Say YES in being a Host?

Email to us at on your interest to be a Home Host or Venue Host.

Let the fun begin with SIFMA!

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